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Safety OHSAS18001 / AS4801   Quality ISO9001   Environment ISO14001   Information Security ISO27001   Food Safety HACCP

System Maintenance

We are industry experts in maintaining and improving already certified systems. We offer a highly cost effective & comprehensive service package. If your organisation is already certified to any of the mentioned standards, then we can cost effectively maintain it. We can also provide you with an ad hoc service for any once-off projects or tasks, such as documentation streamlining, auditing or training etc. The process of system maintenance includes the following work scope:

  • Conducting all internal audits and audit-report writing.
  • Assistance in resolving Non-Conformances.
  • Updating Quality System Procedures.
  • Facilitating business process objectives & KPIs.
  • Organising Management-Review-Meetings.
  • Monitoring Approved Supplier system.
  • Facilitating external audit issue resolution.
  • Managing training needs analysis and delivery.
  • For OHS: Facilitate Risk assessments & emergency management, review regulation changes etc.
  • For EMS: Facility aspects & impacts review,regulation change review etc.
  • Managing instrument calibration
  • Managing equipment maintenance.
  • Checking ‘Approved Supplier’ system.
  • Training personnel on ISO9001 & other Standards’ fundamentals & continuous improvement
  • Representing your organisation during certification body audits.
  • Taking full responsibility for our work & working closely with your team.

Fee structure:
For your peace of mind, we deliver outcomes at, or below, a cost that you specify.

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